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Young People’s Empowerment Toolkit

Young people often experience anxiety due to various factors. Academic pressures, social expectations, family issues, and uncertainty about the future can be overwhelming.

Social media, comparison, and a fear of missing out contribute to a sense of inadequacy. Additionally, past traumas, genetics, and chemical imbalances play a role.

The transition to adulthood and finding one’s identity can create internal tension. If you are a Young Person suffering from anxiety, this simple toolkit can help in those difficult moments.

1. Conscious breathing is a very powerful tool. Breath in for a count of 4, hold your break for a count of 4 and breath out for 4. Do this in a repeat cycle of 3 times and guage how you feel.

2. Our thoughts impact how we feel, if you are not feeling good, it could be related to what you are thinking. Notice your thoughts.

3. Take you power back by changing your thoughts to positive thoughts.

4. Visualise yourself as who you want to be for example, confident, happy, laughing, relaxed – you choose.

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