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 A massive thank you to our corporate sponsors; without these companies, Time To Heal Directory wouldn’t exist.

Our goal is to ensure all the funds raised through our professional fees and donations go directly to those who need it most. Our generous corporate supporters fully fund Time to Heal Directory ensuring the website stays live and the admin behind the scenes gets done.

Would your business like to support us?

Our mission is to make a difference in the lives of young people and families in need, as part of this we want all of our funding and donations to go towards our cause.

We also need help with our running costs and are looking for corporate supporters to help us with this, we believe that this cause has the potential to make a real impact in not only in the UK but over time worldwide.

We are interested in talking to businesses that want to help us with this mission.

Please get in touch with us at : info@time2heal.directory

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