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Using CBT to COMBAT Anxiety

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is impactful in combating anxiety because it targets the root causes of anxiety by addressing distorted thought patterns and behaviors. CBT helps individuals identify and challenge irrational beliefs and replace them with healthier, more balanced thoughts. This process empowers individuals to develop effective coping strategies and problem-solving skills, reducing the intensity and frequency of anxious feelings

The picture below helps you to identify what you call – ‘Thinking Errors’ – these ‘Thinking Errors’s are automatic and happen without you consciously thinking them, when you can identify which one’s you are prone to, you are on the road to combatting your anxiety.

In the diagram below it illustrates the negative cycle of thinking that can cause anxiety.

To STOP the thought patterns contributing to anxiety, the CRUCIAL STEP involves recognising negative thoughts and actively replacing them with POSITIVE ones. For instance, counteracting the thoughts in the diagram above with their opposites can lead to improved well-being, greater bodily relaxation, and a shift towards more positive behaviors.

I hope you find this helpful.

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