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Our Founder recognised in Belong Weekly magazine

We are delighted to announce that Time To Heal Directory has been featured in a LinkedIn article during Black History Month. The piece highlights the inspirational journey of our founder, Pauline Toussaint, who is recognised for her remarkable commitment to fostering inclusion and supporting mental health in the community.

Pauline, a distinguished leader and mother, has been instrumental in advancing inclusivity at FSP as the Belonging Lead. Her passion further materialised into action following the events of summer 2020, leading to the establishment of Time To Heal Directory. This initiative is more than just a service; it’s envisioned as a lifelong support network, extending its reach to nurture young people and families across Britain.

As we celebrate our mention on this prestigious platform, we’re reminded of the importance of community and the collective strength in supporting each other. Join us in honouring Pauline’s dedication and the ongoing mission of Time To Heal Directory to create a space where healing and empowerment go hand in hand.

Read more from René Carayol MBE on Linkedin.

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