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Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree, it is a natural response to help us survive and protect us from risky situations. This is called the flight or fight response and it allows us to respond quickly to dangers or threats. However, when this reaction is triggered either for long periods of time or when there isn’t a danger it can negatively impact our mental health causing us to worry excessively, avoid certain situations or feel unable to switch off. Anxiety based disorders are very common however people might experience anxiety differently in it’s form, frequency and intensity. 

When someone experiences anxiety it impacts physically, psychologically and also how they behave. For example someone with social anxiety may feel sick or like they’re going to pass out when having to attend a social gathering, they then begin to worry that something bad will happen and as a result they may avoid any social event. 

Depending on the type, talking therapies are often recommended for anxiety based disorders. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that therapies such as CBT can help people to manage their symptoms and develop helpful coping strategies in the event of an anxiety attack. 

Anxiety UK have a video that provides tips for people dealing with anxiety

For a detailed self help guide to understanding and managing anxiety 

Get Self Help has a print-friendly page. 

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