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Counsellor/Therapist Online

My Bio:

I provide a non-judgemental and safe space, giving you an opportunity for exploration, emotionally and psychologically, to determine your current state of being.

I will be supportive of your inherent ability to know your own intentions and honour this process, with the hope to assist you to gain a greater understanding of yourself and therefore increase self-awareness. This is key to having a healthy sense of self.

As you work with the true aspects of yourself, and gain an understanding of  the underlying causes of how you came to be experiencing life as you are, you can progress towards learning tools of resilience, self-regulation and emotional healing, which could move you towards a more fulfilling and enjoyable life circumstance and create positive, lasting, meaningful change; something we all aspire to achieving. Even in the most hopeless feeling space, change is possible.

I enjoy using a variety of modalities to fit your individual preferences, circumstances and issues with an integrative approach. Within this model I like to use the psychodynamic approach to help us to access the origin of a particular challenge/issue; cognitive behavioural therapy to assist with devising tools to address unhealthy behavioural/thinking patterns, and person-centred approaches to assist with developing and remaining in a professional client-led/therapeutic relationship with you which is key to effective counselling.

As a Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, I uphold strict policy and procedures outlined in their guidelines concerning confidentiality, ethics and good practice, to not only protect the reputation of the profession but to ensure that clients feel protected and secure.

I know that it takes courage to make this first step in seeking support and I appreciate the need to find the right counsellor to support you on your journey. With this in mind please feel free to contact me with any questions or enquiries, and I will endeavour to respond promptly, openly and honestly so that you are more likely to determine whether I’m the right fit for you. I also offer a free 15-minute telephone or online consultation session prior to starting to work together if you feel that would be helpful.




Nutritional Coach


I can help with the following:

Abuse (including narcissistic), Anxiety, Bereavement and Loss, Cultural issues, Depression, Personal Development, Relationships, Child Related Issues, Self-Esteem, Stress, Trauma, Issues at Work, Body Image, Triggers, Jealousy, Anger Management, Cancer Diagnosis, Neurodiversity: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Health Related Issues, Spirituality, Women’s issues, Healthy Eating Issues.

To expand:

  • Turning negative relationship dynamics into positive dynamics
  • Connecting more deeply with your inner self
  • Learning to access your intuition and innate source of wisdom
  • Finding meaning and purpose in your life
  • Developing components of emotional intelligence: awareness, self-regulation, empathy
  • Understanding your emotions, and working with them, rather than against them
  • Tending to addictive behaviours
  • Developing resilience and the capacity to be with unbearable feelings
  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Healing from trauma and emotional hurts
  • Overcoming stress, burnout, depression & anxiety
  • Overcoming negative life patterns that are holding you back
  • Develop healthy boundaries i.e., to say a compassionate no
  • Stop the intergenerational transmission of negative emotional patterns
  • Understanding relationship dynamics
  • Breaking unhealthy eating habits
  • Other issues that may arise, not listed here


Types of Therapy

Solution Based Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Existential, Integrative, Person centred, Psychodynamic, Transactional analysis, Christianity Based Counselling


Training & Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Psychology

Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Level 4 Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Level 3 Diploma in Counselling Skills

Level 2 Diploma in an Introduction to Counselling

Level 5 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition



£60 per 50-minute session, available online or on the phone.


Who do I work with:




I can help with the following:

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
Person Centred
Solutioned Focussed

Who do I work with:


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